Making Arrangements

The first thing one must ask themselves is “what items should I bring to an arrangement meeting?” Some of the things that are helpful are:

  1. Photographs that you may want in the obituary. These pictures may also be used for the colored service folders, which are produced at our funeral home.
  2. Biographical/family history information that will be used for the obituary and legal documentation. The deceased's parent’s names including mother’s maiden name and their birthplaces.
  3. Your loved ones (SIN) social insurance number or card, birth certificate, Alberta Health Care Number and Alberta Drivers License number.
  4. If the deceased person has a spouse, a copy of the marriage certificate, the spouses (SIN) social insurance number or card, Alberta Health Care Number and birth certificate. 
  5. You may want to bring the clothing at this time if the clothing is ready. The clothing that you would like your loved one to wear is really up to you. Some people wish to bring in a suit or dress, while others are more comfortable having their loved one wear more casual clothing. Example: If your father never wore a suit and was uncomfortable in one, then bring in what he was comfortable in, perhaps a casual shirt and a pair of jeans. The funeral is for you and your family to celebrate the life of your loved one. The important thing is that you are satisfied with what your loved one is wearing. It is necessary to include undergarments, while shoes are optional.
  6. Jewelry and/or important items to be placed with your loved one.
  7. Discharge papers, if a veteran.

The death of a loved one can be a very emotional and stressful time. We understand that you may not have everything in order when you first come to the funeral home to meet for arrangements. That is why we are here to help. Bring as many of these items as you can gather and we will arrange for the rest later. The important thing is that you come in to let us know how we can help make this time be easier for you.

The Arrangement Conference

The arrangement conference provides the family the opportunity to create a service that will be meaningful to them in celebrating the life of the person who has passed away. Due to the numerous details involved, you can expect to spend approximately two hours meeting with a licensed funeral director.

There are four components to the arrangement conference.

    “Celebrating Life” means acknowledging the life of the person who dies. It means applauding their life and rejoicing in the fact that they lived. It is important that the service touches everyone present with an understanding of who the person was that died and what they lived for. The service brings meaning to people by allowing them to feel how that person touched their lives and it created something that touches everyone with the gift of that person’s life. We will be discussing the ways in which the service you select can be meaningful to you and will assist you in determining how you would like to acknowledge the deceased; the day, time, location and who will lead and participate in the service. We will help you create the obituary and we take care of having it placed in the newspapers.
    For those unable to attend the funeral service, an obituary may be the only opportunity they have to reflect on the life of a friend or colleague who has died. An obituary, therefore, can be much more than an announcement of death – it can be an acknowledgement of a life lived, a difference made or a passing from this world to the next.
    We place special emphasis on the writing, wording and placing of a picture in the obituary, knowing it serves a very special purpose for many of its readers.
    We will assist you with decisions regarding merchandise for the deceased such as: casket, vault, cremation container, urn and flowers.
  4. COMPLETE PAPERWORK (Legal Documentation)
    We obtain the necessary certificates, file the required documents with the Provincial authorities and secure the applicable permits. Our Funeral Home notifies both the Provincial and Federal governments of ones passing. Our people are “Commissioners of Oaths” for the Province of Alberta and thus we complete and file, on behalf of the family, all the required documents with regards to the Canada Pension Plan.