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Death Benefits

Alberta Works Social Services / AISH: Individuals who are receiving assistance from Alberta Social Services will be provided with a basic service of disposition (burial or cremation) and casket as stipulated by the department. Indigent persons and those under the Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH) program may also be eligible for assistance. It is important to know that this program will pay for a basic Funeral Service.

Federal Allowance for the Survivor: This pension is available for a surviving spouse between the ages of 60 and 64 years. Current applications must be requested from the Federal Old Age Security Office at 1-800-277-9914. Applicants must have an annual income below $16,848.00.

Canada Pension Plan (CPP): A death benefit may be available to the family of a deceased person who has sufficiently contributed to the Canada Pension Plan. This benefit is pro-rated according to the amount of contributions and the length of time which contributions were made. Monthly pensions may also be available for the surviving spouse and dependent children.

Federal Old Age Security (OAS): The Federal Old Age Security Pension is payable for the month in which death occurs. The final cheque may be deposited into the deceased’s bank account. In the event that the deceased receives an additional payment in the month following the death, that payment would have to be returned to the government.

Company / Union: If the deceased was currently employed, benefits may be available from the employer or union. Some group plans have provisions for spouses and dependent children. As well, some benefits may continue after retirement.

Hotel Bereavement: Some hotels may offer a special bereavement rate for immediate family that are in need of accommodations when attending a funeral service for a family member.

Airline Compassionate Fare: Some airlines may offer a rebate to family members who have paid full economy fare for a return flight in order to attend a funeral.

Community Savings or Community Credit Union: A community savings member is entitled to a dollar for dollar benefit for money on deposit in a Shares Account. Some limits apply, and the benefit decreases after age 55.

Crimes Compensation: When a death occurs as a result of a criminal act in Alberta, an application may be made to the Crimes Compensation Board for an allowance toward funeral expenses. After a hearing, the Board reviews the application and makes a decision based on the evidence obtained.

Last Post: Veterans who served with the Allied Armed Forces during World War I, II, or the Korean Conflict may apply to last post for assistance in the form of a basic funeral service with a specific casket. The value of the estate must be within a certain limit for eligibility.

Motor Vehicle Accident: All persons with Alberta insurance have coverage in the event of a death due to a motor vehicle accident. Applications must be made to your own insurance company. Funds toward funeral expenses, as well as immediate cash may be available.

Workers Compensation Board: Specific financial assistance is available from the Board when a work related death occurs. Funds to help with funeral expenses and immediate cash may be available.

Superannuation: If the deceased was an employee of Public Works and Government Services Canada, and was receiving a Superannuation pension, a benefit may be available. Inquiries should be made to: Superannuation Directorate, Box 5010 Moncton, New Brunswick E1C 8Z5 Phone 1800-561-7930 or Fax 1-506-533-5518.

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